About Eggs

Egg freezing allows women to preserve their own eggs, frozen when they are young and healthy, to help them achieve pregnancy later – when they might otherwise have a harder time finding healthy eggs.

Egg Count

Egg count refers to the number of eggs in the ovaries. Women are born with a lifetime supply of eggs, and the body is unable to produce any more.

Egg Quality

Egg quality refers to the potential of your eggs to be fertilised, implanted, and developed into a healthy foetus, which is determined by the egg’s DNA composition.

Infertility & Age

Every woman deserves the facts about her biological clock. This website is intended to provide you with the necessary information that allows you to make informed decisions. That is why we called our clinic Informed Egg Freezing.

Collection (Retrieval) Process

Egg collection for fertility preservation typically follows a similar process to egg retrieval for IVF.

Freezing & Thawing

There is no time limit on the storage of frozen eggs. Cryopreserved eggs have been successfully stored for decades and used to achieve pregnancy.

Using Your Eggs

When you are ready to use your frozen eggs to try and have a baby, it is time to see your specialist to develop a treatment plan.

Risk Factors

Elective egg freezing is taking off as a reproductive choice, which women are increasingly turning to for a range of reasons.

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