Frozen eggs have been successfully stored for decades and used to achieve pregnancy. However, in Victoria, there is a limit of 10 years that your eggs can be stored.

No, we do not. We operate a full-service private practice clinic with leading local clinical and administrative staff, along with the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic clinical technology, which enables us to offer patients a truly world-class clinical experience. This service is not possible to run on a Bulk-Billing model.  Therefore, there are reasonable out-of-pocket expense associated with most consultations and procedures.

No, you do not need a GP referral to see a specialist in Australia however, having a GP referral allows you to receive the Medicare rebate (ie: recoup a substantial amount of your consultation fees) and allows your GP to send a referral letter with your full medical history detailed, which is essential for A/Prof Polyakov to review. We strongly recommend speaking to your GP prior to considering seeing A/Prof Polyakov, simply to ensure that your issue cannot be managed by your primary care provider.

If you are a Medicare card holder and want to claim the Medicare rebate, you will require a valid referral from either a GP or another Specialist to entitle you to claim your Medicare rebate.

Patients who do not have a Medicare card, do not want to claim the Medicare rebate, or international patients do not require a referral to attend our practice and will be billed per our standard rates.

GP referrals are valid for 12-months and referrals from other Specialist are valid for 3-months.

Yes, you can.  You can use a referral that is made out to a different specialist of the same speciality/vocation (eg: another obstetrician and gynaecologist or fertility specialist). See here for more information: healthdirect and Services Australia and NIB.

In clinic

Private health insurance does not cover what is done in the rooms (unless you are an in-patient or overseas visitor with international travel insurance). If you are an international visitor with the necessary insurance, full payment is required at the time of the consultation, you will then be provided with a receipt to claim directly from your provider.



No, you are not necessarily required to have private health insurance to be a patient in a private hospital. A ‘self-funded’ patient is someone who doesn’t have Private Health Insurance, but pays cash for their medical treatment upfront.  This consists of the specialist’s fee, the anaesthetist’s fee, the surgical assistant’s fee and the hospital’s fee.  It’s the hospital fee which makes up the vast majority of the cost.


Public Hospitals

If you are a Medicare card holder and your treatment is performed in a public hospital, there will be no fees associated with your care.

Yes, but unfortunately Medicare does not offer a rebate for the initial consultation, so the first consultation is entirely out-of-pocket. Medicare rebates are available for all subsequent telehealth consultations, however.

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